Online slots featuring a Magic theme

Fancy yourself a spin on some of the most mystical and enchanted reels out there? You’re in luck! With Magic Day round the corner and celebrated worldwide on the 31st of October, we figured we’d give you the low-down on the top 5 most popular slots featuring a magical theme to enjoy this month. Luckily, the folks at, one of the UK’s most popular and reputable online casinos, got in touch to help us with our list.  Chasing a fairytale spin in the hopes that it will land you an epic win? We suggest giving Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror a try. Or perhaps you have a more studious nature and are intrigued by magical knowledge? Witchcraft Academy would be a great choice. And if you’ve mustered enough courage to brave reels chock full with vampires, Vampire Senpai would be righ...

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